16 September 2010

P1 Wimax Package Offering

Johnytim is the authorised reseller for P1 W1MAX, a wireless digital communication system targetted at the metropolitan area. We provide excellent customer service and support to users.

P1 W1MAX allows you to enjoy speedy internet connection and the freedom of mobility with great network coverage. No phone lines required! See P1 Wimax package offering bellow.
Modem on rental basis. The DX-230 is for new subscribers of all plans except Home LITE. RM200 administration fee is chargeable if the service is terminated within 12 months.

DX-230 Desktop Modem with WiFi is the high performance desktop modem that supports Internet access and advanced WiFi to allow multiple user sharing and voice service.

The DV-230 comes with an external USB WiFi adaptor to enable connection sharing. Hence, an external WiFi router is not needed when using DV-230. In addition, the DV-230 is voice ready. The DX-230 comes with an integrated WiFi that supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards. The DX-230 also has two LAN ports as well as two voice ports. Overall, DX-230 provides better WiFi performance at your home or office and supports more connectivity choices via the additional LAN and Voice ports.

Depending on the P1 W1MAX package youre on, the Internet connection can be shared between 2 to 8 computers. The higher speed package you subscribe to, the more people can share the same Internet connection.

Desktop Modem with WiFi Offering Package:
Other Charges:

Upfront Payment   :  RM100 ONLY!
Registration Fee    :  RM100 WAIVED
Activation Fee       :  RM60 (1st bill)
E-Billing                :  FREE (or RM5 monthly for a paper bill)
Upfront payment of RM100 will be used to DEDUCT charges in your 1st month’s bill.

See what W1GGY has to offer!
*Activation Fee is only applicable to W1GGY 59 plan.
• Speeds are on “Best Effort” Basis.
• Get RM 50 rebate when the modem is returned upon service termination.
• Modem is on rental basis and its warranty is fully covered during the entire duration of service subscription.
• Non-Malaysian Deposit: RM 500 (Upfront Payment)
• Terms and conditions apply.


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