18 December 2009

Celcom Branch

How to search Celcom Branch located near by you, here some tips for you all. Very easy and fast. Now you can try to find two simple ways, either through the website or through your mobile phone. See below how....
First you go to Celcom website or click here for easy and you will see a webpage as the image above. What are you gonna do is, first select your region. Can see image below...

Let say you pick central region and you can see your nearest Celcom branch located near by you. Click the icon eg: Taman Tun Dr Ismail branch.

Your screen page will popup as image above, now you can see the address, map and business hours you. I hope this tips is clear for you. Another way you can search through by your mobile phone. See how...
  • First on your mobile phone type *118#
  • And pick Service
  • There you can see two thing 1. Celcom customer service and 2. FOC upgrade to 3G
  • Pick 1. Celcom customer service
  • Pick 2. Branch directory
  • And follow the subsequent instructions until you can find the address near you.