08 November 2009

Celcom - Upgrade 2G To 3G Service

Hello buddy,today i will tell you all about who's existing Celcom prepaid or postpaid customer wanna to upgrade from 2G to 3G service you now not need to walk in into Celcom branch what you gonna do is just follow this easy instruction :

Step 1 : On your phone type *118#

Step 2 : Pick Services

Step 3 : Pick FOC upgrade to 3G

Step 4 : Pick upgrade now!

After that wait for confirmation message and your service will be upgraded in 24 hours.

Enjoy this : ) ....


  1. what if my simcard is not 3G sim? still cant do it?

  2. Sean

    Why my broadband already in celcom3g service .. Suddenly it change to EDGE ? HOw to fix it without to celcom branch ?

  3. damn...i do it step by step & it not works!!

  4. not working dude...

  5. Not working..i try it many times but the result still the sam